About Us

The Who, What and Where of Green Table Farm

We are the Wilcox family from Las Vegas, NV.  My little family loves to garden and we are working our way into a small farm. My husband, Kyle and I started gardening 11 years ago and we did not know anything. This led us on a journey to learn how to grow in the desert. We are a family that is into eating from nature in its most unadulterated form, holistic healing and being green. We grow, preserve and love fresh foods. 

Fast forward to today, we own 5 acres in the Mojave Desert amongst the Yucca and Joshua trees. We are raising goats and chickens currently with the goal of eventually selling products sourced from our animals. We have an 80x120 grow space that is dirt and rocks for majority. We have made progress and are up to 10 100 ft rows with herbs and vegetables. We have an orchard containing 20+ young fruit trees and 4 grape vines. If I could control myself it would stop at this but I LOVE going to the store and buying more plants. 

Every day is an adventure around here.

Join us on our path to a sustainable farm in Las Vegas. 

Kyle & Janelle